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6 Amazing Accessories to Amp up Your Spring Outfits

April 19, 2017

Looking at this year’s runways, it becomes obvious that “less is more” is one mantra that fashion designers have decided to ditch in 2017.

L Besides, who wants to go out in the same old basic matte tones when the sunny weather and warm temperatures are practically inviting us to be the brightest, boldest versions of ourselves? And if you are wondering about the quickest and easiest way to transform a lackluster outfit into a show-stopper, the answer is simple: just accessorize it! Whether you are a shoe or handbag gal, you don’t have to worry – our nifty guide to spring accessory essentials will help you stay stylish from head to toe.

if you are wondering about the quickest and easiest way to transform a lackluster outfit into a show-stopper, the answer is simple: just accessorize it!”


Large Straw Sunhats.

The benefits of this classic piece are twofold: not only will it instantly make you look chic, but it will also keep those nasty UV rays at bay and help you keep your skin youthful and wrinkle-free. This season, fashion designers went all out when it came to hats – the runways were all about wide brims, unusual shapes and large crowns.

Creative Headbands.

If you’re not really a hat lover (we totally get it, no one wants the dreaded hat hair), you can opt for a trendy and practical headband. This season has seen some of the most innovative hair accessory designs – from classy and Greek goddess-like bejeweled headbands to ethereal flower crowns, to retro and feminine, yet unforgettable oversized bows.

Elaborate Earrings.

Subtlety is no longer the name of the game, so earrings this season have taken on eccentric designs and exaggerated forms. Many fashion houses incorporated asymmetry into their jewelry designs, so have no qualms about wearing earrings that are mismatched in shape and size – better yet, put earring only on one ear and you’ll be truly en vogue.

Oversized Bracelets.

There’s no easier way to give an extra edge to your outfit than to accessorize it with loud bracelets. This is the season to toy with maximalism when it comes to bracelets – whether that’s in size or number. Bracelets showcased at this spring’s fashion shows draw inspiration from many styles: from leather pieces reminiscent of punk street style to elaborate golden jewelry combinations that would make Cleopatra herself gasp in amazement..

Statement Handbags.

If there is one accessory staple you decide to splurge out on this season, make it a handbag. This season offers something for everyone: miniature purses that still manage to stun with their gorgeously detailed designs or larger-than-life duffle bags that are not only chic, but supremely practical. If you want to go meta with your accessories, why not adorn your handbag with extra attachments? For inspiration, favorite details on this season’s runways included pom-poms and tassels..

Sassy Ankle Boots .

If you live in a colder climate or still struggle to find appropriate footwear for transitional weather – ankle boots are here to save you. Make any simple outfit pop by combining it with a trendy pair of ankle boots, which this season boast sensational textures and patterns – from glam rock-inspired metallic booties to bright, square-toed designs evocative of the 1960s fashion “it” girls.

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